How to book a cab in Ola or Uber

How to book a cab in Ola or Uber:

you can book online cab by using these apps, so you can book a table/ make a doctor’s appointment, and then book a car for your appointment right we teach you How to book a cab in ola or uber


How to book a cab in Ola or Uber


  • You can look uber and ola both via google map
  • you also can see rate card how much they charge for the ride
  • just set pick up and drop location

How to book a cab in Ola or Uber


How to book a cab in Ola or Uber

  1. download the uber or ola app in your smartphone
  2. now choose your pick up and drop location
  3. now choose the type of service you want the sedan or micro cars
  4.  To complete the booking, tap Book.
  5. choose the payment option
  6. To book an Uber, choose your car
  7. now the driver’s info comes into your phone
  8. contact the driver in case he dost find your location

you can follow the same procedure in other apps like uber steps are almost same in every apps so go for it book a cab now and enjoy the ride.

it is simple to book a cab hope now you know everything about online cab booking

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